Experience the Rejuvination of Crystal Healing!

✽ Restore Peace, Balance, and Harmony.
✽ Promote Clarity of Mind and Intutition.
✽ Empower and Discover your Highest Self.
✽ Encourage a Healthy Flow of Emotions.

A session on the Crystal Healing Bed is completely non-invasive and utilitizes powerful quartz energy crystals. During your healing session, you will lay comfortably, and colored lights will pulsate through your bodies energy system via 7 powerful, pure quartz crystals targeted to each of your chakras.

How do I know it's Working?
◎ You may experience a tingling or warm sensation
during your session over the targeted areas
◎ You may experience powerful intuitions, enhanced creativity,
bursts of inspiration, and you may have vivid lucid dreams!
◎ You may feel the presence of a loved one in Spirit.

60 min:
40 min:
20 min:

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