Expand and grow on your spiritual journey with the divine wisdom of John White's AudioBook guided meditations. John White has beautifully sculpted each AudioBook to guide you along your path of expanding consciousness, connecting with spirit, and manifesting your highest self.

John White records each AudioBook in LilyDale, New York. Each AudioBook contains (3) guided meditations which are approx. (20) min. with transcendental background music.

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Lucid and Spiritual Dreaming

Lucid and Spiritual Dreaming

Awaken The Dream Body Of Your Soul

1. The Language Of The Dream Body (19:02)
2. Developing Lucid Dreaming (24:29)
3. Soul Traveling Into The Spiritual Worlds (22:29)
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Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive

Techniques Of The Intuitive Healer

1. The Language Of The Medical Intuitive (24:26)
2. Scanning The Energy Body (24:52)
3. Self, Distant, And Absent Healing Techniques (17:08)
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Guides, Angels, and Masters

Guides, Agnels, and Masters

Connecting With Spirit

1. Get To Know Your Spirit Guides, Angels, & Masters (22:08)
2. Become One With Spirit (21:27)
3. Awaken Nature's Teachers In Your Spiritual Garden (19:05)
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Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions

Empower The Present Through Past & Future Lives

1. Discover YourSelves (19:28)
2. Relationships And Soul Mates (22:50)
3. Nature's Talents - Past, Present, & Future (21:07)
Only $10.99 !!!

Journeys Into The Light

Journey into the Light

Awakening The Sacred Self

1. Channeling Your Higher Self (23:35)
2. Chakras And The Energy Body (21:11)
3. Awakening The 5 Forms Of Intelligence (23:18)
Only $10.99 !!!