Rejuvenate your self with a crystal healing session from Joyce Kelly. She is certified in Ayurvedic facial yoga, Spring Forest Qigong, reconnective healing, and as a yoga teacher by Rishikesh Yog Peeth in Rishikesh, India, ‘The Yoga Capital of the World'.

A session on the Crystal Healing Bed is completely non-invasive. During your healing session, you will lay comfortably, and colored light will pulsate through your body and your energy system via 7 powerful, pure quartz crystals.

You simply need to relax, remain in a receptive state, and allow the healing crystals and Spirit Doctors, such as St. Ignatius, to do the work. You may feel tingling, heat, vibrations, a sensation that someone is touching an area of your body that needs work - all this is completely normal and a positive sign that healing and rejuvenation are taking place.

The healing will continue after your session, particularly in the coming 48 hours. In addition to healing, you may experience visions, visitations from a loved one in spirit, a spiritual teacher, or angels. You may also have vivid, lucid dreams, and feel the presence of Spirit following your session. Simply observe and receive. It's all from God!

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