Getting To Know Your Spiritual Guides

The Natural Law Of Attraction In Mediumship

The Spirit Guides And Angels Attracted To You

Developing The Language Of Your Sacred Self

Healing Is The Purpose Of All Forms Of Mediumship

How To Develop Conscious Trance States Of Mind

The 7 Natural Laws of the Higher Self

Awaken the spiritual gifts of your higher self and empower your life. All the gifts of the spirit are contained in and subject to natural laws. Learn the seven major Universal Laws of mind, mediumship, psychic abilities, and healing also known as the seven Hermetic Princples.There are 3 laws known as Immutable and 4 laws known as Transitory. The alchemist knows how to set up the mental environment so the phenomenon of mediumship, psychic abilities, and healing can happen. Within your universal mind you can travel, correspond, and create the frequencies of mediumship, psychic ability, healing, prosperity, and healthy relationships.

1) Law of Mentalism
2) Correspondence
3) Law of Vibration
4) Law of Attraction
5) Law of Rhythem
6) Cause and Effect
7) Law of Gender

Past Lives and the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a compendium of mystical knowledge. This knowledge can help a person understand the past expressions of life and how he or she is being affected now. One can learn to let go of fears, phobias, and emotional traumas, and learn to understand and break ancestral and generational memories.

Techniques to access the Akashic Records from the Halls of Learning will be shared and practiced. The Akashic records are like the DNA of the universe. They are the soul's journey over time, so every thought, word, and deed is registered in the Akashic records.

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Learn to use lucid dreaming and the disciplines that the mystics use to become conscious and experience all senses in your dreams. Lucid dreaming, or astral projection, plays a large role in awakening the higher self which is known as the body of light. You can experience lucid dreams actively or passively. The most popular form of lucid dreaming involves active participation where you create and control your dreams. Lucid dreaming can help to awaken your higher self by allowing one to soul travel, develp psychic abilities, and problem solve.

Intuitive Energy Medicine and Vibration

The late American legend Edgar Cayce known as “the Sleeping Prophet,” is known for his ability to give health readings simply by hearing a person’s name. John White is known for helping people to learn how to conduct such psychic health readings.
Learn more about energy medicine and the medical intuitive way of thinking. Accessing and crafting your medical intuitive abilities is the doorway to becoming a remote viewer and learning to channel energy through your body.

Mediumship with Hypnonsis

Hypnosis is not something imposed on people, but something they do for themselves. A hypnotherapist simply serves as a facilitator to guide them, once in a state of hypnosis, the client is able to take control over any involuntary thoughts, behaviour or feelings taking place in the subconscious, bringing about the desired results they want. Hypnonsis can be useful to awaken your higher self through trance channeling, awakening your natural talents, and healing.

Awakening and Manifesting your Higher Self

- Five Keys -
Psychic Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Mental Intelligence
Intuitive Intelligence
Spiritual Intelligence
The alchemist knows how to set up the mental environment so the phenomenon of mediumship, psychic abilities, and healing can happen.All spiritual gifts are contained in and subject to the spiritual laws of Nature. Match the Frequency of the gifts of the spirit that you want to manifest and you can not help but to manifest that gift. It can be no other way. This is not Philosophy, it’s Physics.

Eastern Spiritual Discplines for Mediumship

✴   Awaken your intuitive intelligence and the gifts of the spirit.
✴   How chanting invokes the presence of spiritual masters and teachers.
✴   Working with pranayama or breath and using chi to awaken Kundalini.
✴   Mindfulness known as “Vipassana” or insight meditation and mediumship.
✴   Mudras to open the Nadis which are channels of higher awareness.