The home of LilyDale Registered Medium and Reverend John White located in LilyDale, New York, the Largest Spiritualist Community in the World LilyDale Registered Medium, Reverend, and Master Spiritual Teacher, John White with the Dalia Lama

Reverend John C. White is a LilyDale registered medium, a teacher of the spiritual sciences, and a master of the mind. John White has been a master spiritual teacher for over 40 years. He travels thoughout the United States, Canada, and India spreading divine wisom and changing the lives of those he encounters by exploring and teaching a plethora of topics including:

Reverend John C. White of LilyDale, New York is a registered Medium,
                Master Spiritual Teacher, and Inner Alchemist. LilyDale is the World's Largest Spiritualist
                Community with around 50 mediums currently living there
Channeling The Higher Mind Guides, Angels, and Masters Medical Intuitive Clarivoyant Past Life Regressions Lucid and Spiritual Dreaming Akashic Records Western Mediumship Eastern Mystism

John White is a practicing medium, spiritual teacher, and intuitive counselour. He has guided and taught many individuals along his path and offers the gifts of spirit, peace, happiness, and enlightenment to every soul he touches. John White is the co-founder and current Vice President of the Spiritual Science Fellowship in Montréal, Canada. Founded in 1977, it is an interfaith fellowship providing spiritually educational programs and pastoral ministrations for all who desire to understand human experience of psyche and spirit as well as dedicate themselves to spiritual growth.

Reverend John C. White, LilyDale registered Medium, Master Spiritual Teacher, and Inner Alchemist: The Infinte Complexity of Time in this Universe
Reverend John C. White, LilyDale registered Medium, Master Spiritual Teacher, and Inner Alchemist: The Tree of Life

John White has made appearances on The Discovery Channel, HBO, and the Vision Channel. He is well known for his unique ability to unite Eastern insight and Western Mystisism to expand the consciousness of the mind, body, and soul, and to live in a purely high vibrational reality. John White has taught many individuals and has changed the lives of thousands through his journey by helping others to discover their own natural intuitive gifts and to manifest their Highest Selves.

John White resides in LilyDale, New York. LilyDale is the world's largest Center for the Religion of Spiritualism founded in 1879. Currently home to around 50 mediums, this small village is dedicated to personal and spiritual growth as well as raising the consciousness of the mind, body, and soul. The National Spiritualst Assocation of Churches (NSAC) headquarters is located in LilyDale, New York. In the 1890's, Susan B. Anthony frequently spoke in LilyDale on Women's Rights and was very active in the LilyDale community participating in many spiriualist activites.

LilyDale, home to Reverend and Medium John C. White is the World's Largest Center for the Religion of Spiritualiy
The Inspiration Stump at LilyDale, New York. Home to Reverend and Medium John C. White

LilyDale attracts around 25,000 visitors every Summer seeking spiritual enlightenment and guidance. Dozens of courses and lessons are taught and experienced on several topics including meditation, mediumship, healing, positivity, crystals, and yoga. John White has lived in LilyDale for over 20 years and has since changed the lives of everyone around him by teaching others to access their inner power, manifest their Highest Selves, and discover their psychic abilities.